Let’s Tacobout Lentils

Who doesn’t love tacos? Have you ever tried a healthier version using lentils? Lentils are a versatile legume providing fiber and protein to satisfy your craving and fill you up! I’ve used lentils to replace meat in various recipes but I most frequently make these lentil tacos. This is a quick, easy recipe that does not require very many ingredients.

I use these lentils from Trader Joe’s

You can use a taco seasoning packet but most of those have unnecessary added ingredients. Making your own is easy, just as tasty and then you know exactly what is in it. Again, I don’t believe in measuring my seasonings so feel free to play around with the amount of each seasoning to make it exactly how you want!



  • Bring 2 cups of water/veggie broth and 1 cup of lentils to a boil
  • Once boiling, turn to low heat and cover to simmer until the water/veggie broth is absorbed, stirring occasionally
  • Add the seasonings: the chili powder should be at least double the other seasonings and then sprinkle the remaining seasonings as desired
  • Serve with raw or cooked onions, peppers and jalapeños (or any other veggies) on a soft or hard tortilla shell and a bed of greens (or skip the shell and make it a taco salad)
  • Top with your favorite taco sauce, hot sauce, salsa, guac or for more of a kick use Trader Joe’s jalapeño sauce

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