Ease Your Anxiety: Copaiba vs. CBD

If you’ve read my Life’s Cycles & Patterns posts, you know I frequently deal with Anxiety. I am constantly working to lessen my anxiety through breath work, meditation and counseling (including neurofeedback – look for a future blog post for more information on my experience with this), but one thing I have recently started doing is taking doTERRA’s Copaiba softgels daily.

I had previously used CBD when I felt anxiety coming on or as a preventative measure if I knew I would be in a situation that would cause me anxiety. While CBD helped my anxiety, it is very expensive! I had read that taking it daily produced better results, but I was already going through a bottle every couple of months just taking it periodically so I knew I couldn’t afford to take it daily. There is also little research about CBD.

Not only is CBD more expensive than Copaiba, it is also less effective as it is indirect activity to the body’s receptors, whereas copaiba directly activates the receptors causing it to travel to the receptors quicker and giving the recipient a greater benefit. The market for CBD is also not regulated or checked for purity.

This comparison was taken directly from Dr. Hill’s YouTube video (see below).

The potency is significantly more in doTERRA’s Copaiba essential oil because it is more concentrated than that of CBD giving you more bang for your buck! doTERRA is the first company ever to formulate their Copaiba using four different species making it the highest concentrated cannabinoid available! It is not derived from cannabis so it will never show up on a drug test or make you high and there are over 1,000 published studies!

I started taking the Copaiba softgels daily a couple of months ago. I really hadn’t researched it much at the time but read that it was good for the immune system and inflammation so I ordered it on a whim; I didn’t know the great effects it had on anxiety. I ran out of softgels and didn’t think much of it until my friend and amazing upline leader for doTERRA told me Copaiba helped with anxiety and asked me if I had ever gone off of it. It hit me that I did and it was one of the lowest points I had experienced in months, but once I started taking them again, I was back up!

Since then, I have made sure not to run out! I also double up on the softgels periodically when life gets a little hectic, but I make sure I take at least one at the beginning of each day! In addition to easing anxiety, Copaiba is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic and an antioxidant.

Now, I’m no doctor and science was never really my thing in school, so if you’re interested in learning how this all works, here is an awesome YouTube video by Dr. Hill. This video goes into detail of how cannabinoids interact with our receptors and the differences between CBD and Copaiba essential oil.
Dr. Hill and Dr. O discuss the 4 P’s: Price, Purity, Potency and Pathway

If you’re interested in giving Copaiba a try, contact me to get it at the wholesale cost!

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  1. Hi, Jordynn. Your mom was telling me about this yesterday. I am interested in giving this a try. Please let me know what I need to do. Thank you.

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