Life’s Cycles & Patterns (Part 3)

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks continuing to read and research about the Enneagram, specifically type 4: the individualist. This type is known for the head and the heart. The cycle/pattern I’m going to share today is when I reach a stuck feeling, how I get to that point and how I’m trying to work through it.

When type 4’s experience something, they get into their emotions and feelings. After that, they start to think about these emotions and feelings. Then, they float back to how they feel about their thoughts and continue to ping pong back and forth between feelings and thoughts. Individualists are very in touch with their emotions and tend to overthink, but they have a hard time actually putting their thoughts and emotions into action, therefore creating a stuck feeling. Not only do they have the capacity to experience a lot of emotions, they can also help others experience them as well.

My experience with this is that I am great at dreaming up ideas, making plans and to-do lists, but I tend to leave it at that and not follow through with things. I always thought of myself as lazy and was constantly disappointed in myself. I mentioned in part one of Life’s Cycles & Patterns that I did some goal setting and that having something to work towards was helping my motivation. My view of that has changed slightly now that I am aware it wasn’t just me not being motivated but also due to the way I naturally approach things.

Type 4’s tend to feel like they are on a roller coaster with high highs and low lows. What can they do to get out of this ping pong cycle?

  • Get in touch with their body
  • Put things into perspective
  • Focus on something tangible
  • Be more present
  • Practice gratitude
  • Be authentic
  • Find a creative outlet

I have come to realize that yoga has changed my life in more ways than I could’ve ever imagined. I’ve always thought of myself as a perfectionist and have been very structured in how I have gone about things. Yoga is where I found a safe place to be free and creative, something I rarely let myself do in the past. It has helped me let go of things that don’t matter as much and play around a little more, something people struggle to do these days. If you’ve read any of my recipe blog posts, you know I create freely in the kitchen, never measuring any of my seasonings. This is something that I started doing when I deepened my yoga practice.

One of my biggest focuses in my yoga class is getting people in tune with their body, but also with their emotions. It makes sense now why I feel so strongly about that and why I have become so passionate about sharing yoga and its lifestyle with others. After teaching a class, I always feel light and inspired. I love seeing people connect to themselves and let go of the outside world, even if it is just for a moment.

Learning more about my Enneagram personality type has helped me make sense of why I act the way I do and find ways to use it to my advantage instead of letting it drag me down. I encourage you to look into the Enneagram types, find which one you are drawn too, research that type and see how you can use it to help you, rather than hurt you. I also encourage you to look for specific patterns and cycles in your own life. Learn from it so you know how to deal with it the next time it comes around.

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