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Weekend Retreat Reflection


I was lucky enough to spend this weekend at the beautiful Won Dharma Center outside of Hudson, NY at a yoga therapy weekend retreat. This is one of three retreats I am required to complete in order to become a yoga therapist. (I may do the other two remotely, I am still undecided.) I am really glad I started with this particular retreat because its focus was on the innermost self. I have been needing some sort of boost to really get me going with this program.

There are two main reasons I selected this program (aside from the content):

The downside to these two benefits is that you don’t HAVE to do anything for awhile if you don’t want to. And because it is not face to face, it is all on you to find the motivation to listen to the lectures, study and complete the assignments. Sometimes I’m the type of person that needs a little push and that is exactly what this weekend retreat did for me. It reminded me why I enrolled in this program in the first place. It also challenged my own practice and made me excited about learning more and sharing with others.

What I loved about this retreat:

The 5 Koshas are the 5 layers of the self.
The 3 Doshas are the energies that create the physcial world.

Reflecting back on this weekend (that went way too fast!), I am so grateful for this journey I am on and cannot wait to complete this program and begin sharing the benefits with others! Ask me about yoga therapy!

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