What Are You Curious About?

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending “The Story Show,” a night of storytelling. Eight of Austin, Minnesota’s leaders were selected to speak, one being my inspiring mother. They each shared a story about how curiosity shaped their lives. My mom is a principal and her story was about how the normal approaches of education weren’t working for the kids at her elementary school and the major changes that she implemented to help her students succeed. I will share her story on my blog soon.

These speeches got me thinking… what makes me curious? If I were to share a story, what would it be about? Well, here is my story:

I had practiced yoga for about four years before I decided to take a yoga teacher training. At that point, I loved the physical aspect of yoga. I was barely doing any type of exercise at this point in my life, so I looked at it as a way to move and challenge my body. It also improved my flexibility and balance. I thought, “Cool, I can share this with others.” But when I was at my training, something shifted. I no longer viewed yoga as just a physical practice, it was so much more.

During training, I was still a little skeptical of all that “out there” stuff. I was never a fan of science classes growing up, so I feared the anatomy portion of the training. Turns out, that was my favorite part! We would get into deep discussions on how the entire body is connected. After all, I liked the physical aspect of yoga and being able to understand how the body works increased that.

Our beautiful outdoor classroom at Namaslay® Yoga Teacher Training

But as we learned about the body, we learned about the connection between it and the mind. The more I began focusing on the mental aspect of yoga, the deeper I dove into my practice. Slowly, I started incorporating more into my daily life and not just on my mat. I started using deep breathing as a coping mechanism when I felt stressed, irritated or overwhelmed. Here and there I would try to meditate, although I never felt like I was doing it “right”. I noticed when I gave my mind the time and attention it needed, I felt calmer. Little things weren’t bothering me as much.

This sparked my curiosity. I started digging deeper into this part of my yoga practice. I signed up for a yoga therapy program that focuses very heavily on doshas and koshas. I learned about the enneagram; what my type is and how it shapes me. I read books about past traumas, relationships and how the brain functions. I attended continuing ed workshops and even tossed around the idea of going back to school for a master’s degree (still not completely thrown out the window, but remember, 2020 is a year of slowly down and focusing on what I am currently doing).

Learning how to awaken the psoas muscle at a Namaslay® Workshop

What I’m realizing is that my curiosity is for continuous learning, specifically about the mind and body. I love that I will never know everything there is to know; I can never be done learning about the amazing things we are capable of. I feel so blessed that I found my purpose in life. Each day, I get to learn and share with others, how cool is that?

One of the speakers challenged us to give 10 minutes each day to our curiosity. I vow to be curious about the mind and body and to never stop learning. Will you join me in this daily challenge?

What are you curious about? Share in the comments!

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