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Virtual Yoga Classes: Pros & Cons


I bought equipment a few months ago with the intention to start filming yoga videos, but hadn’t actually given it any time. Losing my job and being stuck at home has forced me to get creative. I started offering live virtual classes via Zoom a couple of weeks ago. It has been trial and error to figure everything out, but I have greatly enjoyed learning this new way of connecting with others.



From my living room to yours!

All-in-all, I am extremely grateful I have the opportunity and ability to continue to do what I love and connect with wonderful people! Everything comes with its good and bad, but I think virtual yoga classes are something I will continue to offer even when this all passes and I am able to resume my in person classes. If you haven’t already taken one of my virtual classes, I encourage you to give it a try! I’m also working on some programs developed for your specific needs. Contact me for more information.

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