Why You Need to Take a Solo Trip

I took my first solo trip about two years ago. I was feeling lost and had an itch to travel but none of my friends or family were available to go when I wanted to go, so on a whim, I booked a trip to Orlando, Florida. It was the cheapest flight to somewhere warm that I could find and since I had been there a few times before I felt comfortable enough with the area to go alone. I booked a couple Airbnb’s (use this link for $20 off your first booking!) and a rental car, but otherwise I had no set plans! I wanted a relaxing trip where I could just go with the flow.

I spent a few days at the beach, reading and relaxing, and spent the other days in Orlando exploring the city a bit. I ate delicious food, attended an aerial yoga class, and drove along the beach in my convertible (Thanks to the guy at the rental car desk for the upgrade!). One thing I noticed on this trip is that I rarely paid attention to the clock. I did things as I pleased, not having to worry about anyone else or trying to get somewhere by a certain time. It was a very inspiring and liberating trip, that, in the end, lead to me quitting my job and attending yoga teacher training.

My second solo trip was to Albany, New York. My main reason for this trip was to attend a weekend workshop for my yoga therapy program, but I craved that solo adventure I experienced in Florida, so I decided to stay a few extra days after my training. Again, I had my flight and my Airbnb booked but had literally nothing else planned. This time I didn’t even rent a car. I really didn’t know much about Albany or what there was to do there, but I really didn’t care. I was looking for some alone time to slow down, reset and get caught up on my work.

I only spent a few days in Albany but it was one of the best trips I’ve taken. My Airbnb was right by a beautiful park with green grass, plants, trees and various walking paths. Also nearby were multiple vegan restaurants and an inviting yoga studio. I walked many miles taking in all of the old buildings, looking at every detail of the architecture; sat on rocks, benches and in the grass and focused on my breath, meditated and reconnected with the nature surrounding me; spent many hours sitting in cafes doing what I love most, writing blogs, catching up on my ZYIA & doTERRA marketing and listening to health and wellness podcasts. I had no agenda or timeframe to adhere to.

In March and May I was supposed to have two more solo trips, again to Albany, NY for more yoga therapy training. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, both of these trainings were moved to an online format. I’m so bummed I won’t make it back to the Won Dharma Center, but on the bright side, I have a flight voucher to use. As I’m sitting here… I’m debating where I’d like to go this time. I love seeing and experiencing a combo of a bigger city and nature. I’ve been to Colorado, Florida, New York, Tennessee and Oregon in the last couple of years and would love to explore somewhere new. Write your suggestions in the comments!

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If you’re like me, have a very hectic schedule and are constantly on the go, I highly recommend taking a solo vacation with no itinerary. Take some time for yourself to travel somewhere and let your adventurous soul be free.

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