2020 Goals & Intentions: 6 Month Review

At the beginning of January, I set personal and professional goals for the year. Some of my goals have been going well, some have been off and on and some have been put on hold.

Personal Goals:

  • Meditation: I started out the year meditating daily, missing a few days here and there. During quarantine, my practice strengthened. I had more time and I was able to wake up at my leisure which made a consistent practice easier. Since I started to work and teach yoga again, that great routine has gone by the wayside. I still do it here and there but it is no longer a staple in my routine. At the beginning of this month, however, I set a goal to practice at least 4 times per week – trying to set a more realistic goal to get back at it. My anxiety improved greatly, as did my feelings of being rushed and stressed.
  • Gratitude: I am very happy with how consistent I have become with practicing gratitude. I have a specific gratitude journal that I have written in almost daily since the beginning of the year. I have noticed that even on days I am feeling a bit off or even upset, finding 3 things I am grateful for gives me a little pick me up. Before writing this post, I took a look back at what I had written over the past 6 months. It brought an ever bigger sense of gratitude to my life.
  • Intermittent fasting: I set a goal to fast 10-12 hours daily and have stuck with that practically since then. 10 is the minimum, but 12 is my real goal. Especially since getting back into a routine in the last month, I feel like this is becoming easier. I actually tend to goal closer to 13-14 hours now. I like the way I feel when I take this break from food – generally 7, 8 or 9pm – 8 or 9am. I had also wanted to do a 24 hour fast monthly. This was a goal I had set and completed a few years back. What I found is that trying to obtain this goal was difficult with my workout schedule and actually added to my stress and made me binge eat, which is the reason I wanted to do it in the first place. I have decided to let go of this goal.
  • Garlic Enema: I have only completed one so far; my goal was to do it quarterly. I honestly have just forgotten about it. I do intend to do another one or two yet this year.
  • Read More: My goal was to read at least 6 books this year. 2020 is halfway done and I have already reached this goal (quarantine may have helped this). I have upgraded my goal to read 12 books this year and I feel like it is very attainable, especially since I have been spending so much time poolside 🙂
  • Travel: Damn COVID. I’ll leave it at that… traveling abroad may not be an option this year but I do still hope to take a couple of trips here in the US at some point.

Personal Intentions:

  • Slowing Down: As much as COVID got in the way of different things in our lives, this is one that it actually helped. I greatly appreciated having more time on my hands to spend with the people I love, doing the things I love.
  • Who I Give My Time and Energy to: Continually approving… I have gotten better at this but it is definitely something I am still working at; I’m not great at saying no to people.

Professional Goals

  • Blog Weekly: Blogging has become something I enjoy to do again. I have posted nearly every week and I feel like I have become more efficient with the process.
  • Finish Yoga Therapy Program: While I have now completed the 3 required weekend retreats, I haven’t made great progress with the online lessons. Turns out, I need deadlines to light a fire under me (not a big surprise). I have set a goal to complete 4 lessons per month for the rest of the year.
  • YouTube: This is the professional goal I am most excited about… my channel is launched! I had ordered the necessary equipment at the beginning of the year but hadn’t dove into the world of online yoga until COVID pushed me to start teaching virtual classes. I am extremely grateful for this push as I became very comfortable teaching in this way. Now I have a few videos posted to my channel with a new goal to share weekly.
  • Retreat: The date was set, the content was planned and a blog post was typed up to share with all of you. Unfortunately COVID played a role in that as well. I will continue to look for an opportunity to share my first retreat; perhaps a fall or winter one when everything has *hopefully* passed.

Professional Intentions

  • Create/Maintain Connections and Say Yes: While in person classes were put on hold, I was able to offer classes virtually. Through this, I made a few new, great connections. I also said yes to a few new opportunities to teach in person once studios opened back up. An old client also reached out about teaching at a local daycare, which was such a fun experience! I am lucky to get to teach at two daycares this month. I have been blessed with so many beautiful souls in the past few months.

Overall, I am thankful I took the time to define clear goals for myself. I will continue to reflect, adjust and achieve! It is never too late to set your own goals.

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