4 Reasons to Join the Community!

January 1st is the launch of the online community! This is what the well. is all about: coming together to do better. Feeling alone or isolated can make it difficult to change. There have been times that I have felt like an outsider. While I’ve always had a few close people that encourage my growth and desire to become healthier, I long to be surrounded by people that light me up. This pandemic has given me clarity on a few key questions in life: who am I? who do I want to be? how do I get there? Have you asked yourself these questions lately?

Here are 4 reasons to join this community:

1. education.

The internet provides you with so much information daily which can be overwhelming. You have to look many different places to find the answers to your questions all while ensuring the credibility. I have not and will never claim to know everything. I will, however, share what I have learned with you through my own personal experience. I am an avid learner, always looking for ways to continue my education. There will also be guest hosts along the way that specialize in the topic at hand. For example, during the month of March we will be discussing nutrition. I hope to bring in a Registered Dietician to answer specific dietary questions and add to my knowledge and training regarding nutrition.

2. accountability.

Sometimes we have all of the information we need but still can’t seem to do it. I am currently attending a virtual yoga retreat focusing on mindfulness and yoga through journaling, movement and self check-ins. All are things I am fully capable of doing on my own… so why did I pay for this retreat? Because I needed the extra push to make time for it. I want to make sure I don’t waste my money by paying for something without getting something out of it. This is also the reason there is a small monthly subscription to be apart of the group. We will have weekly discussions and accountability check-ins to keep you chuggin’ along. There will also be an opportunity to talk in more detail via a zoom call. Here you will be able to share your wins and setbacks and ask specific questions. You’ll get feedback from the community members along with myself.

3. determine your why.

You have the tools and the people that keep you accountable, yet you are struggling to make long lasting changes… the online community will challenge you to un-mask the real reasons you’ve been avoiding something, or why the changes you’ve made in the past haven’t stuck. By becoming more familiar with yourself, you will discover your why. Strip it down and sort it out – then, you can set yourself up for success.

4. discounted services.

Your $10 monthly payment also provides you with a discount on private yoga sessions and personal training programming. These services are tailored to you and your specific needs and goals. Contact me with any questions!

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