Benefits of Customized Personal Training

This week I began my fourth round of custom programming. One of the reasons I wanted to earn my personal training certification was for my own physical health. I have loved working out for a couple of years now but still struggled to find a consistent routine.

“I don’t have time for a full workout.”

“I don’t know what exercises to do.”

“My body doesn’t feel 100%.”

These are the common excuses I would use to avoid working out, even though it was something I enjoyed doing. While I feel I’ve always used proper form, I had no idea how to put together a workout that was right for my body. I would see a cool movement in the gym or on social media and give it a try. My workouts typically lasted an hour and a half to two hours. No wonder I would get burnt out. With the knowledge I gained, I now feel confident in what I am doing and more importantly… WHY I am doing them. I have been able to condense my workouts to approximately 45 minutes. I go to the gym with a plan and purpose each time.

The transformation I have seen still astonishes me. My body composition has changed with each four-week cycle of programming I have completed. One thing to note… while losing weight was on my mind and a hopeful outcome, it has never been my focus or judgment for success. I do not weigh myself very often (I don’t even own a scale). I have found that if I pay attention to the number on the scale, it clouds what is really happening.

Below are pictures to show my progress. The left is before I ever started my own programming and the right is after completing 12 weeks of programming. Under each picture you will find my comments regarding my posture.

My abs are starting to become defined and my shoulders are more level.
My pelvis has been restored to a neutral position, increased upper back strength has helped to draw my shoulders back (you can see more of my hand on the right), and I have less of a forward lean.
This angle again shows my neutral pelvis (more space between underwear line & sports bra) and shoulders drawn back (you can see more of my elephant tattoo on my upper left arm).

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with others. Your program will be tailored to your body, your goals and the equipment you have available. Typically, the first four-week session will focus on creating stability throughout your body. You will be given flexibility, balance and core exercises to do along with total body strength training. Each exercise in your written program will come with a video demonstrating the movement while providing cues on how to do it properly.

You also have the option to do one-on-one sessions with me. If you still have questions about custom programs, contact me! To get started with yours, click here! Fill out the intake form, select which level of programming you would like and submit your payment. We will meet via Zoom to assess your posture, discuss your intake form and discuss any questions you have. Then, I’ll write your program and send it your way!

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