how to stay accountable during the holidays

Hey there, I’m back! Is everyone else feeling a little bloated and blah after three straight days of eating, socializing and traveling? No, just me? Oh okay.

I’ve been doing an elimination type diet for the past three months to heal my gut and rebuild my immune system. It hasn’t been easy and has put a bit of a damper on my social life. For the first six weeks, I didn’t drink a lick of alcohol. That was the longest period I had gone in quite awhile. A couple of things I learned:

  • I am wayyy more productive when I don’t spend a partial or whole day on the couch recovering.
  • Brain fog is a very real thing.
  • My body felt the best it had probably ever felt! (The diet I was following played a large role in that as well.)
  • It was nice to have a reason not to drink; however, it felt a little sad to ‘need’ a reason.
  • A big part of my social life revolved around drinking.

I’m not about to stand on my soap box and tell you to stop drinking, though. I have since then drank a handful of times; I’ve come to learn that completely cutting things out doesn’t work for me long-term. But… this experience did change my perspective. I am now navigating how to better balance having fun/socializing and keeping myself in good physical and mental health.

Something I started a few years ago that has (for the most part) stuck was to not drink in hopes of changing my current state. If I am stressed, I don’t lean towards alcohol to relieve it. If I am in a crappy mood, I won’t look for a short-term fix with alcohol. This has created a healthier relationship with alcohol.

Just remember, the holidays aren’t always joyful. Adding alcohol to the mix, especially in large amounts, is likely only going to make a situation worse.

I started writing this blog to share some ideas for how to stick to your workout routine during this holiday season, but it can really work for any goals you want to keep working towards, like reducing alcohol intake. So, here are a few ways to stay accountable. With any of these options, you need to first determine why you are trying to achieve this goal.

  1. Find an accountability buddy. This person should be your personal cheerleader and you should be theirs! Check-in frequently to see how things are going. Send a quick inspiring message or a remind each other why you started in the first place.
  2. Put some money on it. Or something else that you find valuable. Maybe a vacation or a massage?? You know what you like and look forward to, use that to your advantage.
  3. Have a defined goal with benchmarks along the way. If you say something like, “I want to get in shape,” how can you measure your success? When are you ‘done’? Instead, try, “I want to exercise three days per week for 12 weeks.”

Disclaimer: with any health goals you may have, remember, nothing is as important as sleep, hydration and mental well-being, especially during this busy and stressful time of year. More does not always mean more.

Do you need help achieving your goals? I’m here to help. The beautiful thing about working one-on-one is that it can be completely customized to you. Whether you need help setting and implementing your goals or you just need an accountability buddy, I’m here for you.

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