content vs. complacent

I took a yoga class when I was in Colorado last week and this was the theme of the class. The way it was communicated was a bit confusing to me but it has had a lasting impact on me, so I guess job well done. What do each of these words mean? A quick google search tells us:

  • content – in a state of peaceful happiness
  • complacent – showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements

In the class, the instructor kept asking if we were practicing complacency when not pushing the pose deeper, harder, etc. As someone with a shoulder injury that has been working hard to not push harder but rather slow down a bit, I didn’t love this messaging. It made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough. I continued to scale back my movements and practice being content with what I was able to do. Let me be clear, I am not shitting on the instructor – overall the class was great. These are just my thoughts and perceptions (if you read the last blog post, you’ll know, it’s not possible to know what’s going on with everyone… my thoughts are a reflection of what I am going through.

So… I’ve been thinking about how each of these things show up in my life. Have I given up on myself and settled? Have I realized my capacity and held back to preserve my well-being instead of pushing deeper, harder, etc.? How do we truly know which state we are in? As a perfectionist with extremely high expectations for myself, being content with where I’m at is difficult. I felt like recently, I had worked hard to be in a state of content. But maybe because I have these high expectations of myself, I feel like if I can’t reach something perfectly, I shouldn’t try.

As I dig deeper into my thoughts and feelings, I ask you… are you content or complacent?

Night y’all.

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  1. I am skeptical if an instructor who pushes in this direction. Yoga is not a sport. It us a way of being. Yours. Mine. Not hers.

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