Benefits of Customized Personal Training

This week I began my fourth round of custom programming. One of the reasons I wanted to earn my personal training certification was for my own physical health. I have loved working out for a couple of years now but still struggled to find a consistent routine. "I don't have time for a full workout." … Continue reading Benefits of Customized Personal Training

What’s All the WHOOP About?

My Experience with the WHOOP Recovery Tracker I have been using WHOOP for 18 days now. While it requires 30 days of use for full calibration, I feel like I am already getting to know my body better. There are three aspects WHOOP tracks: recovery, strain and sleep. Homescreen 1. Recovery Each day your recovery … Continue reading What’s All the WHOOP About?

The Benefits of Yoga Props

All of the fitness centers, yoga studios and the like are closed, and may be for awhile longer. This has forced people to tackle their wellness completely at home. Many instructors and coaches have moved to an online platform (myself included), which has both pros and cons. One con I didn’t mention in last week’s … Continue reading The Benefits of Yoga Props

Do You Even Flow, Bro?

One thing I’ve noticed over the past year teaching yoga classes is that most people want very specific directions. They want exact movements or want to follow each little thing you do. I did a whole class based on playing free like you would as a child and so many people had a hard time … Continue reading Do You Even Flow, Bro?

5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

So many people struggle with low back pain today. While posture and other issues can be part of the reason, having a weak core plays a role. Build your core strength by practicing core stability! Here are five exercises that do not involve your typical core exercises like sit-ups, crunches or planks. To make sure … Continue reading 5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

6 Resistance Band Exercises Targeting Glutes

I’m so lucky to have such a knowledgeable friend in the exercise science field. While I have a basic understanding of anatomy and learned so much at my yoga teacher training, I am no expert. Jordy was my study partner and basically my tutor at training. She explains things in such a simple, yet scientific … Continue reading 6 Resistance Band Exercises Targeting Glutes