personal training.

Jordynn will customize a 4-week program that will meet you where you are and take you where you want to go using the equipment and space you have available.

private yoga.

Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi, private sessions allow you to decide what you would like to focus on. Available for individuals and groups – you choose what works best for you.

group classes.

Come to a yoga or fitness group class to feel the energy of others practicing around you. Click below to view Jordynn’s schedule.


Workshops are a great way to dive deeper into a specific topic. They are typically longer and more informal than regular group classes which allows for more conversation and interaction.

Jordynn’s fun and down to earth nature puts her students at ease. Her attention to detail and ability to give clear and specific cues help her students build confidence and achieve optimal form. Through Jordynn’s classes, I have improved the quality of my form and become much stronger.

— Ashley S.

Jordynn is the kind of instructor that inspires you. She is not only knowledgeable in her practice but has this calm factor that has helped me find a place of peace in such a crazy time. She has helped me feel more confident in trying new things by showing true interest in helping me improve and showing an incredible amount of patience. I truly look forward to every class with her and consider myself very lucky to have learned from Jordynn.

— April H.