Plant-Based Power Bowl Recipe

I was fortunate to be able to spend a little time in one of my favorite places... Colorado! Not only do I love the beautiful scenery the mountains provide, but it is also home to some of my favorite restaurants. One new place that I tried after a morning workout and yoga was Sputnik. If … Continue reading Plant-Based Power Bowl Recipe

Let’s Tacobout Lentils

Who doesn’t love tacos? Have you ever tried a healthier version using lentils? Lentils are a versatile legume providing fiber and protein to satisfy your craving and fill you up! I’ve used lentils to replace meat in various recipes but I most frequently make these lentil tacos. This is a quick, easy recipe that does … Continue reading Let’s Tacobout Lentils

Buffalo Chickpea & Seasoned Jackfruit Recipe

I love to play around in the kitchen and try out new recipes and combinations. Every other Tuesday, I will be posting the recipe creations I come up with to give you some new ideas. I randomly throw ingredients together in hopes that it will turn out and 9 times out of 10, it does. … Continue reading Buffalo Chickpea & Seasoned Jackfruit Recipe